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Forum: Jokes 10-17-2014, 05:21 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Missing wife

A husband went to police station to report his missing wife.....

Husband : I’ve lost my wife, she went shopping yesterday and has still not come home.
Sergeant: What is her height?
Husband : Oh,...
Forum: Jokes 08-22-2014, 03:30 PM
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Posted By curious74432

This older man was on the operating table awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon, perform the operation. As he was about to receive the anesthesia he asked to speak to his...
Forum: Jokes 08-21-2014, 02:52 PM
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Posted By curious74432
Little Johnny

A first grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, “Johnny what is your problem?” Johnny answered, “I’m too smart for the first grade. My sister is in the third...
Forum: Jokes 08-20-2014, 03:59 PM
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Posted By curious74432

The stockbroker's secretary answered his phone one morning. "I'm sorry," she said, "Mr. Bradford's on another line."

"This is Mr. Ingram's office," the caller said. "We'd like to know if he's...
Forum: Jokes 08-20-2014, 03:57 PM
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Posted By curious74432

After a long day on the golf course, I stopped in at Hooter's to see some friends and have some hot wings and drinks.
After being there for a while, one of my friends asked me which waitress...
Forum: Jokes 08-20-2014, 03:56 PM
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Posted By curious74432

>> A husband takes the wife to her high school reunion.
>> After meeting several of her friends and former school mates, they are
>> sitting at a table where he is yawning and overly bored. The...
Forum: Jokes 08-13-2014, 05:08 AM
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Posted By curious74432

A wealthy merchant of 84 married a 25 year old fashion model. They had a wonderful honeymoon in Aruba but, unfortunately, the old boy suffered a coronary and was hospitalized. When his young wife...
Forum: Jokes 08-11-2014, 11:21 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Bad husband

A man left for work one Friday afternoon. But, being pay-day, instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend partying with the boys and spending his entire pay check.

When he finally...
Forum: Jokes 08-06-2014, 05:24 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Married couple

After being married for thirty years, a wife asked her husband to describe her.

He looked at her for a while, and then said, "You're A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K."

She asked, "What does that...
Forum: Recipe Swap 07-28-2014, 04:41 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Deeli's Crab, Avacado and Tomato Salad

Deeli's Crab, Avocado, and Tomato Salad

This is perfect for a light but filling meal for two and tastes lovely accompanied with a glass of Chardonnay.

1/2 lb. fresh crab meat,...
Forum: Jokes 07-23-2014, 03:50 PM
Replies: 1
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Posted By curious74432
22 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Cop

22 Things You Should Never Say to a Cop

1. I can't reach my license unless you hold my beer.
2. Sorry, Officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in.
3. Aren't you that guy from...
Forum: Jokes 07-10-2014, 04:27 AM
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Posted By curious74432

Two little boys are going to the hospital the next day for operations. Theirs will be first on the schedule.

The older boy leans over and asks,

"What are you having done?"

Forum: Jokes 07-01-2014, 05:22 AM
Replies: 1
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Posted By curious74432

Assign the punishment

Three guys found themselves in Hell: we will call them Carl, Bob, and Brett, they were a little confused at their present situation, and they were startled to see a door in the...
Forum: Jokes 06-26-2014, 05:00 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Broken Into

A man went to the Police Station wishing to speak with the burglar who had broken into his house the night before.

“You’ll get your chance in court,” said the Desk Sergeant.

“No, no, no!” said the...
Forum: Jokes 06-25-2014, 05:23 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Political Aphorisms

Political Aphorisms

If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. ~Jay Leno
The problem with political jokes is they get elected. ~Henry Cate, VII
We hang the petty thieves and...
Forum: Jokes 06-10-2014, 07:50 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Dog funeral

Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and asked, 'Father, my dog is dead. Could ya' be sayin’ a...
Forum: Recipe Swap 06-09-2014, 03:37 PM
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Posted By curious74432
Easy Lemon Bars

Easy Lemon Bars
Serves: 12
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: $

16 tablespoons or 2 sticks of butter, softened
2 cups all-purpose flour
Forum: Jokes 06-05-2014, 04:45 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Good Advice

Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong.
Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.
Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.
A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John...
Forum: Jokes 05-30-2014, 02:35 PM
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Views: 127
Posted By curious74432
Just moved

Just Moved

I had just moved from an apartment to a house in the same small town. One day at the grocery store, I used the last of my personalized checks bearing my old address. The cashier examined...
Forum: Freebies 05-22-2014, 03:35 PM
Replies: 1
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Posted By curious74432
Amazon Prime--some free HBO shows

Available starting today, Amazon Prime Instant Video users will have unlimited streaming access to select HBO programming. Shows will become available in waves (it's not clear how often), but titles...
Forum: Jokes 05-20-2014, 04:55 AM
Replies: 1
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Posted By curious74432
Dental surgery

Smile of the day
I was in the bar last night, waiting for a Jack Daniels and water, when a butt-ugly, big old heifer came up behind me, and slapped me on the butt.

She said, "Hey sexy, how about...
Forum: Jokes 05-18-2014, 05:22 AM
Replies: 1
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Posted By curious74432
Retirement--big eyes

How To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity in retirement:

1. At lunch time, sit In your parked car wearing sunglasses and point a Hair Dryer at passing 'em Slow Down!
2. On all your...
Forum: Jokes 05-16-2014, 04:12 AM
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Posted By curious74432
Where are your glasses??

Where are your Glasses ??

Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me again, asking why I didn't do something useful with my time.

“Like sitting around the pool and drinking wine is not a good thing?” I...
Forum: Recipe Swap 05-16-2014, 03:40 AM
Replies: 1
Views: 233
Posted By curious74432
Almond Joy Bundt Cake

Almond Joy Bundt Cake

1. 1 package classic white cake mix.
2. 1 package(3.4 oz) instant chocolate pudding.
3. 3 large eggs.
4. 1 cup water.
5. 1/3 cup veg oil.
6. 3/4 cup almonds. (cut or chopped...
Forum: Jokes 05-15-2014, 04:43 PM
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Posted By curious74432



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