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Default Survey July 20th New

Hey all .Been so busy as I did get housing yessss and did get the 2 bedroom yesss.Love doctor notes miracles for the disabled and Its beautiful .Not moved yet,,2 doors down so I suppose I can take my time.This will be the fastest thing I ever did.But not all is in stone so we will see. Soo here you go and is really looking and filled up.Don't forget to hit the ''load more'' on front page in that square
So have this I do not have no hidden urls to get anything back I am a giver not a receiver.I noticed when I come in THE GOOD BAD AND UGLY lol .I pray none of mine are ugly and they are all good .Just depends on how much time you want to spend. Only thing bad is if they ask for money MINE never will. NEVER send money ..ok that said here you go

If you know of someone who might like to take this survey, please send them this link: has a certan contest on Facebook so you may want to enter there .

Bless you Marylou
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