1/9/06 - 94.5 KSMB Radio in Lafayette, LA
Top Five Things We Love Right Now

BOBBY NOVOSAD: I love www.mybargainbuddy.com. If I don't get their daily e-mail with a list of good deals on just about everything I'm bummed out. You can subscribe to the daily e-mail and trust me, when you receive your first e-mail, you'll be hooked. I'm embarrassed to say everything I've bought.

You can get 70-90% off furniture, electronics, silverware, holiday decorations (I just ordered an 8 ft. Easter Bunny for the front yard. It was normally $90. I paid $19.95.), clothing, stuff for your car, kids, etc...We have a $130 copier/fax machine at home still in the box. I paid $19.95 for it after rebates. Oh, it's a Panasonic too (nope, it's still in the box.)!

It all comes from the manufacturers or places like Buy.com, Overstock.com, plus other retail sites. They even keep all of the recent deals on their site so you can go back in case you deleted the original e-mail. Hide your credit card if you love deals because the temptation is too great!!!!