Good Housekeeping's Quick & Simple magazine 1/22/08 Good Housekeeping's Quick & Simple magazine
The Price is Right - How to Shop Smarter at Your Favorite Spots

"The price you see on the tag is hardly ever the real price at Kohl's, " says Karen Hoxmeier of, a site that alerts shoppers to online and in-store coupons and sales.  Early-bird and night-owl sales can easily double your savings, and if you have their store credit card, you'll receive regular offers to save 15% or more when you use it."

Since Sears purchased Kmart several years ago, says Karen Hoxmeier of, you'll also find a great selection of well-regarded Kenmore appliances (Sears' house brand) - everything from a basic toaster for less than $15 to grills for well under $200."